About Us

At Gilliland Green, our mission is to offer high-quality legal services while providing outstanding client experiences. We take pride in resolving matters as quickly as possible by providing our clients with our full attention. While we are primarily a civil litigation defense firm, our practices also include areas of estate planning, family law, business law and health care law. Our diverse client base spans virtually all facets of personal and business law. We understand the need to provide more than knowledge of the law. By getting to know each client – their objectives, opportunities, risks, and challenges – we strive for a comfortable relationship in which we deliver cost-effective, results-focused services. 

What We Do

With expertise covering a wide array of legal disciplines, we provide attentive, personalized service while having the resources and experience to deal with complex, large-scale cases. Our clients benefit from the flexibility and efficiency of our multidisciplinary approach to addressing special situations. When a transaction or dispute requires more than one area of the law, our attorneys collaborate to deliver the optimum, comprehensive service our clients deserve.

We have the depth and breadth of experience to help solve client problems with efficient, practical solutions -- and do it in a cost-effective manner.


In addition to expertise and insight, the Gilliland Green attorneys bring understanding and a sincere desire to help you make beneficial, informed decisions about your family’s future. From young parents primarily concerned about providing for their children to estates involving complex and closely-held family business interests, our estate planning attorneys will guide you through the process to achieve your goals.


We are a resource for investors and companies who appreciate the value of thorough, responsive counsel with the practical approach of balancing the legal questions with the business considerations. We provide negotiation, arbitration, and litigation services when needed.


Civil litigation is a hallmark of Gilliland Green. Our attorneys have established their credentials with a wide range of complex cases — most notably insurance, medical malpractice, legal malpractice and other professional liability defense. We also have extensive experience in the areas of errors and omissions defense for insurance agents, employment law, premises liability, personal injury claims and automobile negligence.


A good family law attorney can make all the difference. Gilliland Green attorneys are not only good, they are caring, understanding, and willing to listen.